About Impact

Friday, June 26, 2015

New Ministry Adventures

When I started considering joining Impact's staff several years ago, there were two things about the organization that resonated deeply with me; their commitment to discipleship and to doing ministry in teams. While the language may have been different, these were two things I had been committed to in my personal ministry and now that my time with ICM has come to an end, I have become even more committed to them.

I have loved having the opportunity to disciple college students in their pursuit of Jesus, learn to live out their faith, and find ways to use their gifts, talents, and passions to share Christ and do Kingdom work.

I am thrilled to share with you that my next chapter in ministry will allow me to continue to disciple others towards doing Kingdom work. Beginning in early September I will begin my role as the Associate Minister at the Bangor Church of Christ (BCC) in Bangor, MI. I will be overseeing the different ministries of the church, equipping people to serve in those ministries, and making sure each team is functioning well. I am very excited about the opportunity to disciple people to take steps in their relationship with Christ and to serve like Him.

I am looking forward to serving alongside of my fiance, the senior minister of BCC, the elders, and the BCC church family. There is a great need to share the love of Christ with the Bangor community and I am excited to see how God will use us to further His Kingdom and make His name known in Bangor and the surrounding areas.

Thank you once again for your continued support and encouragement during my time at Impact and through this transition. I am so grateful for your partnership as we seek to pursue, model, and teach Christ together.