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Thursday, April 12, 2007


Accident #3 of the school year took place Wednesday morning on my way to school. I slide into a guardrail on a slippery curve. Don’t worry I’m okay. The car didn’t fair too well. It was towed after school yesterday and I’m waiting to hear from the shop. However, there were so many accidents in the area he didn’t know when he would get to it. So that means I don’t have a car and am stuck in my apartment for the most part. I missed Oasis last night and I was really upset. I haven’t had a lot of time to get to know my girls and that is killing me. I wish I lived closer so I could be around more. I have a great friend, Sarah, who came picked me up for an appointment today. That means I get to go to church tonight too.

It just doesn’t end, does it?

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


1. My ears are still hurting. This is makes it over two months now. Good thing I go back to Detroit in the morning.
2. I refuse to celebrate "Let's start construction on every road in Michigan" Day with the MDOT crews.
3. I don't like growing up and how quickly life changes.

I'm going to bed!

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Spring Break Reflections...

1. Visit Michael & Jeanette and Nate & Melissa – NOPE!
2. Go to MO and IL with Mom and Dad - CHECK!
3. Spend time with three of my bestest friends – ONE OUT OF THREE!
4. Survive walking in massive heels – HALLELUJAH!
5. Play Frisbee and paint eggs with my sisters – WE PAINTED EGGS!

One of the neatest things about this break was something I never would have expected to happen. I had the opportunity to spend some time talking with some friends I don’t know very well. Both of them are going through some significant transitions in life and are unsure of their next step. Now I have argued with God for a long time about being in that spot. In my opinion I’ve been there far too long. But after having these conversations this week I realized something…something I always forget.

I think one of the reasons God takes us through valleys and pits is so we can help someone else later down the road. I would have never been able to encourage these friends if I didn’t know what they were going through. I have seen over and over again the relationships that have been strengthened because I’ve been through something someone else is walking through. It is after the conversations I’ve had this week that make the long journey through the valley worth it.

On the flip side of that, I think God places people in our lives while they are walking through hard times so we can encourage them and have someone to turn do when we find ourselves in that spot. For example, I have a couple friends who have lived through some of the junk I’m dealing with right now. They have been such an amazing encouragement to me and a reminder that God is working even when it doesn’t appear that way.

God, as much as I hate these valleys and fires I’ve been walking through, I’ll keep walking through them if it means others can see more of you. I would rather be in the pit watching others draw closer to you, than on a mountain watching people turning their backs. However, if you wanted to put me on a mountain and have people growing closer to you, I would be COMPLETELY okay with that! Jesus, use me in whatever way you see fit.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007


There are a ton of new pictures on my facebook. Most of the new ones are from the wedding and spring break! Check them out...