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Monday, May 23, 2016

Controlling Your Summer

Our new series will help all of us remember the things that really matter this summer.
 Can you believe June is here already?! Soon half of 2016 will be behind us. Time seems to pass  faster and faster each year. We have a limited amount of time and our priorities dictate how we spend that time. However, sometimes what we say our priorities are doesn’t actually match how our time is spent.  We allow time to control us, instead of us managing our time well.

Summer makes this even more difficult. Family vacations change our routine. The warm weather calls to us to enjoy the beach. The grass demands to be mowed. There is always something more to do. Before we know it, summer is gone and the things we intend to do never happened. Unfortunately, all too often practicing our faith falls into this category.

We started our year as a church family making a New Year’s Resolution to be the Church. In May, we recommitted to being members of Bangor Church of Christ and living out the purpose God has given our church family. These commitments take great intentionality. Following Jesus ought to be our highest priority. Our decision to be disciples of Jesus is the greatest commitment we can make, yet it quickly falls to the back burner once summer arrives.

This summer don’t let time control you. Manage your time well and make sure your highest priority is lived out during the summer months. Jeremiah has been studying and preparing a great sermon series to help us take our next steps after the commitments we have made as a church family. Make Sunday morning a priority so you can learn more about some of these next steps. In this month’s Carillon is a handful of lists that can help you make sure you are growing as a disciple this summer.

Make the decision now before summer is gone. The sun is here and I intend on enjoying as I pursue God. Let’s keep taking steps toward Jesus together!