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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Get Involved

There are many things I love about being part of a small, rural church. I love the friendly, family atmosphere. I appreciate the steadfast faith of the older church members. Their unshakeable trust is a great example to the younger generations. I enjoy hearing the children sing songs about Jesus at the top of their lungs and dancing to the tunes with great joy. Their unhindered worship is a great example to those of us who have allowed the world to stifle our passion and desire to scream the Good News from the top of our lungs. Yes, there are many great things about small, rural churches like BCC, the one I grew up in, and the others I’ve worshiped with over the years.

Any church regardless of size and location has struggles. Small, rural churches are not exempt from this, but I’m pretty convinced we don’t have to let struggles distract us from loving God and loving our neighbors. In fact, I’m growing more and more convinced that those struggles may be the greatest opportunities we can give God to make his name and glory known to our community.

Small, rural churches have an abundance of potential for amazing ministry to be done. One of the great struggles in these churches is that they rarely come close to reaching their God-given potential. There are various reasons that contribute to this, but it would take far too much space and time to explore them in a single article. Instead of looking at the reasons why, I would rather invite you to be a part of the solution. In order for any church to reach its God-given potential as a
congregation, it requires everyone to get involved. Every one has gifts, talents, and abilities. Everyone can do something. No matter you age, IQ, health, or stature. God wants you to partner with Him in doing His work.

So here is the invitation: find the things you are passionate about, that you enjoy doing, or are good at, and do them with a ministry heart. You can cook. Cook some meals for people recovering for surgery or for our church dinners. You love kids. Teach a Sunday School class or volunteer at JAM. You like to build and fix things. Help the neighbors with broken steps or spend a few hours every couple weeks helping us tackle some things around the building. If you don’t volunteer because you are waiting to be asked, THIS IS THE ASK!  God already told us to go serve. God already gave us instructions about all the parts of the body working together. Get in the game and help our church family be the church that God has called us to be.

We have worked hard this year to create new ministry teams and develop our existing teams. We have had individuals step up to be Ministry Team Leaders, so that we can do our part in the Kingdom work God has called us to do. Below you will see two lists. The first list consists of teams that currently have Ministry Team Leaders and are looking for people to serve alongside them in those ministries. The second list are the teams that we are hoping to find leaders for in the next few months. Which one catches your attention? Which one makes you excited about what God could do through that team? Which one includes gifts and talents you have? If you aren’t sure, give me a call or stop by the office. I would love to help you discover how God is desiring to partner with you!

Contact the Team Leader to get involved           
Finance Ministry Team (Doug Umbanhowar)        
Maintenance Ministry Team (Clair Springett)         
Care Ministry Team (Kathy Hodgman)           
Children’s Ministry Team (Sarah Johnson & Lisa Springett)   
JAM Ministry Team (Becky Springett)           
Student Ministry Team (Janice Cauvel)           
Adult Bible Studies Ministry Team (Sarah Johnson)       
Church Family Meals Ministry Team (Debbie Streeter & Becky Miller)
Missions Ministry Team (Julie Zecklin)
Outreach Ministry Team (Debbie McPike)          
Sunday Worship Ministry Team (Jeremiah Johnson)       
Tuesday Worship Ministry Team (Lisa Springett)
Worship Support Ministry Team (Becky Springett)

Contact Sarah to get involved
Transition Ministry Team
Housekeeping Ministry Team
Grounds Ministry Team
Decorations Ministry Team
Encouragement Ministry Team
Fellowship Ministry Team
Community Group Ministry Team