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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Celebrating Passover

Monday night was the beginning of Passover and once again I hosted a Seder for our student leaders and a couple friends from my church who love college students. Only a couple of the ladies had ever attended a Seder, which made for a really fun evening of watching girls make new connections and learn more about our story as God’s people.

Even though favorite gluten-free matzah recipe did NOT work this year, everyone enjoyed trying traditional dishes and learning about the symbolism of different foods in the meal. The students asked some incredible questions that fueled some great dialogue. One of my friends who joined us has traveled to Israel and it was fun to hear about her experience there and have her share more about the things she has studied. 

I appreciated the conversations that stemmed about what it may have been like to sit around the table with Christ and His disciples during that meal and what it would have been like to try to watch the events we celebrate each Holy Week unfold as you are in the midst of it. Despite the fact that none of us at the Seder were Jewish, we challenged each other to remember that the Exodus story is our story. Israel’s wandering in the dessert is part of our journey.  He is our God and we are His people.

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