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Monday, May 12, 2014

First School Year in Cali

It is finals week here, which means my contact with students is brief since they are all frantically finishing papers and projects, cramming for final exams and frantically packing up their rooms for the summer. This means much of my time is spent at my desk praying for students and reflecting on the year. This year I find myself with a million thoughts wandering around my mind. 

It has been an absolutely tremendous year. I’ve had the honor of watching four students publicly accept Jesus Christ as their lord and savior and then baptize them. I’ve watched as the Lord has taken students from various backgrounds and begun to bring them together as a family. I’ve experienced the tremendous love of God through the people at Christian Church of Thousand Oaks, who have been incredible partners in ministry and friends. God is so very good! I am overwhelmed by His goodness. 

I thought I would take the next few weeks to put some of these thoughts down in hopes of my scattered thoughts becoming something a little more concrete. I’ll be posting a series of blogs about my first year doing ministry in Southern California. This is mostly for my benefit, but I thought I would give the few of you a glimpse into my world.

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