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Friday, September 02, 2016

Simplicity of Discipleship

As a Discipleship Minister it probably comes as no great surprise that I am passionate about discipleship and get really excited when I see it in action. I asked Jeremiah to snap this picture during service because I thought it was a beautiful picture of the simplicity of discipleship. Far too often we make discipleship into this massive task that is far too difficult to even talk about let alone try to do. The more I study discipleship and disciple others, the more amazed I become at the simplicity of it.

I used to think discipling others meant I had to be perfect at following Jesus. Wrong! Not one of the disciples we see in Scripture was perfect and they went on to start churches all over the world.

I used to think discipling others meant I had to have all the answers. Wrong! The disciples in Scriptures wrestled to understand the Text. I love Paul’s story because we see him mature and grow throughout the book of Acts.

I used to think discipling others meant lots of formal meetings where I would teach what I knew about Jesus and the Bible. Wrong! Jesus disciples others as they are doing simple every day things like fishing, going to the Temple to worship, eating meals, gathering water at a well.

Paul tells the church in Corinth, “Be imitators of me, just as I am of Christ” (1 Corinthians 11:1 NASB). We read that and freak out because we know we aren’t the best imitators of Jesus. Paul is not saying he is a perfect imitator. He is simply telling the Christians in Corinth, “I’m following Jesus. Come follow Him with me.” Do the things I do in following Jesus so you can learn how to follow Jesus too. It sounds so simple, because is many ways it is.

Annette follows Jesus and worships Him by singing praises and making music for His glory. She invites Evelyn to do the same. So Evelyn learns to follow Jesus by worshiping Him through singing and clapping. There was no long lecture. Annette just followed Jesus and invited someone to do it with her.

Now I’m not saying the process of discipleship is always easy. That certainly is not the case. Often simple things aren’t easy. Try not eating that amazing bowl of Sherman’s Ice Cream or your favorite dessert placed right in front of you; simple but not easy. I do want to challenge us not to make discipleship more challenging than it should be. Let’s keep following Jesus and inviting others to do that with us.

It starts with an invitation. Jesus says to his apostles, “Come follow me.” Who can you say that to by inviting them to come to church with you or joining one of our Fall Bible Studies. It is a simple start to a beautiful journey.

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