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Monday, April 24, 2017

Servant Spotlight: Martin Karr

Each month we take a moment to celebrate one example of how God works through his people. This month’s servant spotlight is on Martin Karr who serves with our Adult Bible Classes Ministry Team, Outreach Ministry Team and Worship Support Ministry Team.  Martin was asked to come help with one of our Feeding America Trucks because we were short volunteers. He loved the experience so much he now volunteers at other area distributions and has build many relationship with other people who need to know the Good News of Jesus.

How do you serve in the church family and the community?

Leading our Sunday Adult Bible Class and volunteering in the Feeding America food assistance program

Why do you serve?
My class is my passion, my greatest joy in the Lord.

What is your favorite part about serving?
People are much more appreciative than we think!

What have you learned from serving other?

I sense God’s presence most when I’m serving.

What would you say to someone who is considering serving in a new way?
Always give every opportunity serious consideration. Discover which you love and stick with that. 

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