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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Servant Spotlight: Zac Frazier

Our Servant Spotlight is on Zac Frazier this month. There is no doubt you have seen Zac in action serving both our church family and the community. Zac serves with our Sunday and Tuesday Worship, JAM, and Children’s Ministry Team. His heart for serving others is a blessing to many of us as Zac’s expressions of love help us experience God’s love.

How do you serve in the church family and the community?
I work up in the sound booth at church. I work at Harding’s where I serve by carrying out groceries to people’s car.

Why do you serve?
I am serving for the purpose of God and doing it for the Kingdom of God.

What is your favorite part about serving?

I love serving everywhere there is a need for help. I really enjoy serving gin JAM and VBS.

What have you learned from serving other?

It makes me feel good when I help, especially carry groceries for older people.

What would you say to someone who is considering serving in a new way?
If you find the opportunity, take it. When you are called to serve, it is good to step up and serve.

Thank you, Zac, for all you do for the Kingdom of God!

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