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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

About Me

I've learned a lot about myself in the last month or so. Today I started making a list in my journal. Some of them have been great discoveries. Some I knew but discovered in new ways. Others, insightful revelations that are a bit disappointing. I thought I would share a few of them.
  • I hate silence, except in my classroom, but loudness drive me insane.
  • I don't have as much patience as I like to think I have.
  • I absolutely love teaching students about Jesus!!!! In the past most of the teaching I've done has been in small groups. Lately I've done more large group teaching and I love it just as much. Didn't use to.
  • Although I need to see the bigger picture I think in details.
  • Part of me has started to give up on my biggest dream.
  • I'm not as extroverted as I use to be but still a solid ESTJ.
  • One's physical condition greatly influences one's mental condition and ability to do normal activities. What do you know? That applies to me too. I'm a slow learner at times.
  • I get really anxious when I have to talk about myself.

How about you? Have you learned anything new about yourself lately?


  1. What dream is that?

    Thanks for the note, btw. I always appreciate the encouragement.

  2. One main thing I've learned over the past several weeks is that as much as I think I'm an outgoing, spontaneous individual - - I'm an introvert and proud.
    And sometimes, okay most of the time - - usually the problem isn't what ends up bothering me, it's the emotions that surface when the potential "problems" arise. Understand? Everything with me always comes back to emotions - - cuz I worry about things a lot.

    Thanks for posting this, and asking the question. It's always interesting to sit down and think about these kinds of things.

    You're awesome! I love you!