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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Gifts! - Part II

A huge thanks to Jon for not making me feel alone in this horrible mess. Although I normally just give the gift early, it seems my hiding gifts and forgetting about them is become a bigger problem than I realized. Unfortunately in my cleaning frenzy today I found another birthday present hidden away. I felt like the worst friend ever!!! And now that Allison has the gift I can share the story.

Allison's birthday is in June and I found her gift carefully hidden in the books on my bookshelf. I had made a picture frame but wanted to get a picture of us to put in it before I gave it to her. On her birthday I told her she had to wait because the gift wasn't finished. Well there were mission trips, camps, vacations, blah, blah, blah. The next thing I know it is August and I don't have a picture. I demanded we take a picture the next time we were together and of course it didn't turn out well! (That was also the night my camera died and I cried.) So it stayed hidden until today. Oops!

Sorry my friend. We'll get a picture for that frame sooner or later. I'll bring my camera tomorrow night!!!


  1. I loved your gift - and a birthday in November isn't so bad =) We will get a picture, for sure - or you can write me a nice little letter and I'll put it inside.....ah well...a picture will do just fine =) haha

    Love you!
    Love your gift!
    Love our friendship!
    Love it!!!

  2. Got your message. Do you have a .mac or Ichat account? I want to check out the audio chat, but GTalk won't work in Leopard for audio. What's up with that??