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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Thoughts from the Woods

Monday I spent some time listening to God as I explored some local woods. I literally came face-to-face with a red-tailed hawk and a white-tailed deer and had no camera to take pictures. I found some beaver tracks and tried to track down the creature but had no luck. It was awesome! Nature helps me reconnect with God. It reminds me of his creativity, majesty and love for his people.

While I was sinking ankle deep in mud and getting twigs stuck in my hair from climbing trees, God was teaching me about myself. I learned that no matter how much I love the idea of putting "safety first," he continually calls me to live dangerously. I was laying in a tree when I realized how many huge steps of faith God has called me to take in the last ten years. Every step of faith has had these characteristics.
  • These steps were all outside of my comfort zone.
  • There were plenty of other people telling me how dangerous or irresponsible the decision was.
  • God ALWAYS exceeded my expectations as I stepped forward.
To be honest, I frequently haven't recognized how great the risk was in each situation. I just knew it was the right thing to do. The desire to live in obedience seems to have blocked out most of the risk involved. I think God does that because he knows me so well. Otherwise, I may not have been so willing to leap.

I guess I am a little bit of an adventurer. God shared with me a little bit more about the adventure I'm on right now. I'm excited for it and know the next few months may not be easy but they will be fun. Maybe I'll even get another chance to catch that beaver!

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