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Monday, December 17, 2012

Impact Stories: My Impact Family

This post is part of a series of stories from our Impact St. Mary's students. These posts are all written by student. I hope you'll enjoy a closer look at what God is doing on our local college campuses.

Chloe is a sophomore studying psychology and serves on the Impact St. Mary’s student leadership team.

There are so many things about Impact that have changed my life. Impact is my safe place. When I went through a difficult time last year, it was my Impact family that stayed by me through it all. I love everyone in our small group of girls. The support of my Christian sisters is beyond anything I have ever had before.  My relationship with Christ has grown so much. On my own, I would have never been able to be where I am today. The leaders are the most knowledgeable and caring people. Impact is my family. I am so very blessed.

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