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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Living Examples of Jesus, Part 5

I know I said earlier this summer I was going to write about a few people who have been great examples of Christ over the last five or six months and now it is past the few point. Oh well…deal with it! I’ve been packing and writing papers all day so I’m going to write about something more exciting. But first why is it we always have lists in groups of ten? What if I wanted to do 7 or 17?

Jason has been a good friend of mine for quite some time. We use to spend much more time together than we do these days, mostly because we were involved in the same ministries and groups at Bethel. Now I look forward to the occasional 30-second hello and a quick hug on a Thursday night after church. Many times it is the short, simple conversations with J that become the most meaningful. I decided to go with the list method this time. So...

Ten Things I Appreciate About Jason (like normal, in no particular order!)
1. I can go months without talking to him, then go grab coffee with him and it is like we just hung out yesterday.
2. J and I have had several disagreements in the past but I usually end up walking away from those disagreements learning several things from him and he usually forgets them.
3. He is a genius!
4. He won’t let me lie to myself and kicks my butt when I try.
5. He doesn’t mind that I always ask to pray when a bunch of us are hanging out together AND he’ll let me.
6. He isn’t afraid to take huge leaps of faith that don’t always make sense to those around him. Since I struggle to take small steps, I admire him greatly for that.
7. He has introduced me to several great coffee shops...and coffee itself.
8. He shows up at the most random times with words of encouragement.
9. He is always reminding me the importance of taking care of myself.
10. I’m always surprised at how well he knows me. Or maybe I should say I’m always surprised how much we are alike. He seems to be able to articulate all the thoughts in my head far better than I can. Usually this happens before I get a chance to even try and explain it to him. Honestly, sometimes it drives me nuts!

Earlier this year there was one of those moments. We met for coffee to catch up on life before the craziness of camp hit. It had been a long time since we had spent anytime together. He started asking me about life but pretty much answered each question for me. How he knows this stuff, I don’t know!! But it is always so refreshing to know that someone else understands, at least to some extent. That conversation became a major part of the encouragement I needed to start the summer.

And several times throughout the summer he was a great source of encouragement. I know God has great plans for Jason and I’m excited to see what they are. Thanks, Jason, for encouraging me and showing me Jesus.

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