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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Living Examples of Jesus, Part 6

This summer I thought it would be such a great idea to share each week about one person who had been a blessing in my life this last spring. Well it has become more of a long stretched out process but this will be the last. So here it is…two in one! (Although only about two people actually read this.)

Sometimes encouragement comes from places we least expect it. I’ve enjoyed getting to know Wally and Stephanie over the last several years and over the last two years I have appreciate all of the advice and encouragement I’ve received from them.

When I started looking at grad schools, Wally was quick to share with me the right questions to ask and things to look for in different programs. Even though I decided not to go Emmanuel, like him, over the last several months of working on my last two distance learning classes he has encouraged me to push through the tough papers and impossible readings. I’m not sure I would have finished if it weren’t for him constantly asking me how it was going and telling me I didn’t have a choice but to keep plugging away.

This spring and summer I went through some pretty tough times and in every conversation Wally and I had he never once pointed fingers. He took the time to hear me tell my story and allowed me to ask him tough questions. He didn’t always have answers but just having someone listen was a huge help. On top of all of that it was an added blessing that he understood some of my struggles. He understood the pressures of grad school and trying to find a ministry position. He understood the stress that comes while living so close to your work and ministry. It is amazing the difference a listening ear or a simple word can make.

One of my favorite things about Christ is that he always has time for me and will always listen. He just wants to talk with me and listen to my frustrations. Wally has been that person for me many times since last winter and I am grateful for that. Thank you Wally for showing me Jesus!

DJ Olson is one of the most amazing people you will ever meet and one of the greatest bosses you will ever work for. This poor man has had to deal with me working for him the last six summers. Last spring when I was student teaching DJ was always encouraging me and helped me count down the days until it was over. After that was over and it was time to start the job search He always kept his hears open for positions and was willing to offer what little work he could so I could attempt to pay the bills. But the thing that will always stick in my mind is the fact that DJ is patient and always quick to do whatever he can to help.

This summer I had to make an incredibly hard decision to leave camp before the summer was over and move home with my parents. It was a very painful decision and one I wish never would have had to be made. Almost every week I was in DJ’s office talking through the junk and most of it had nothing to do with my job at camp. And each time instead throwing a bunch of solutions my way, he always asked what he could do to make life easier. He would go out of his way to do anything possible to help me or any other staff member. When the time came to tell him I had to leave he didn’t try to convince me to stay or tell me how awful I was for quitting. He again asked what he could do and told me that even though he didn’t like the fact I was leaving, he knew it was okay and I was making the right decision.

DJ has a very large heart and is always looking for ways to serve. Christ’s life was all about service. Christ went to great lengths to serve and help those around him. DJ does the exact same thing everyday. I know this because he has done it for me over and over again. Thank you DJ for going the second mile and showing me Jesus!

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  1. don't quit posting even if you think there aren't very may who read it. I appreciate you reading mine...I even put my blogspot page out in the church newsletter and still don't get any response other than you and occasionally Wally. I am okay with that because it still causes me to think and write...even if no one else likes it!