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Monday, June 11, 2007

Feeling Like Alexander...

Today has ended up being a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day!

-- I had to get up bright and early for a meeting in Mishawaka and found out I have a ton of things to fix before tomorrow’s interview.
-- I got an e-mail informing me I’m still playing for a wedding in a few weeks even though they never contacted me again or even sent an invitation. How am I supposed to know I’m playing if you don’t confirm? Now I’m double booked and feel like a jerk.
-- It is a beautiful day and I’ve been staring at computer screens and books trying to get ready for an interview and camp next week. I feel like I have accomplished nothing.
-- I just want to hang out with people and all of my friends are at MERGE and guess who is too old!
-- A small handful of people agreed they wanted to get together before I move on Thursday and not a single person has returned my call. I hate it when I clear my schedule and then get ditched or just plain forgotten.
-- I got another e-mail that made my heart sink and my stomach nauseous all at the same time.
-- And that isn't all.

I think I’ll go read another book to cheer me up…

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