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Sunday, June 10, 2007

God, The Provider...your story

GOD, THE PROVIDER: Are there times in life when you are just not sure if you will be able to ever pay for anything again? Money is short, emotions are tapped, physically you have nothing left, and spiritually you are dry. Well, our local banks can’t help us much, but we have a God whose nature is to provide for those whom He loves. Our God is the ultimate provider in all circumstances, and we can trust Him to provide as He see best.

This is the description of the elective I will be leading at two weeks of camp this summer. Those of you who have known me, or anything about me in the last three years, are laughing hysterically. Stop it!

God, The Provider…where do I begin? As I was sitting here sorting through lots of thoughts I started thinking. There seems to always a common thread (other than the obvious God provides) that appears as you start to look at the different times you’ve realized God provided for you again. The thread I’ve discovered through my experiences is that God is always preparing me for the next step.

I know there are others who are learning this or have learned this the hard way and I wondered what their thread looked like. Why not ask?! Have you seem God provide for you over and over again? Have you had to learn and relearn that lesson several times? If so, what common thread did you discover looking back? I would love to hear your story.

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  1. Sarah, Thanks for this simple and profound reminder of God's role as a provider. It's so funny with me how easily frustrated I can get with His timing, and then later realize how my timing would have been totally "jank" as our students say. I guess it's that fast-food, just-clik, easy access culture we're living in right now. For instance, there is no way I would have been able to repair and fix up this new house or build the amazing relationships I have with my students this past year if I had gotten pregnant when I wanted to. We have been trying for a second child for two years now, and now I know that he will provide when the time is right. Good luck at camp.It sound slike from this post that you are exactly the girl for the job. And, you're right, we do need to hang out again. You are one funny chick.