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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Owning our Faith - TJ's Story

I wanted to share one last story with you from one of the Impact students from Indiana University, South Bend (IUSB). As students from Bethel have shared their stories, our students from other campuses have expressed their desire for God to transform their campuses as well. Tj Dalenberg is a freshman at IUSB and these are some thoughts he wanted to share with you.

This thing (revival?) that's been happening on Bethel's campus is awesome. My girlfriend attends Bethel and it's amazing to hear the accounts. It is inspiring. It makes me feel like it is going to spread easily to IUSB, where I attend.

It's empowering to think that God has been preparing all of us for this moment and we finally realized it. He knows what He's doing. :) I am encouraged, inspired, and ready to take this thing on and bring it to IUSB's campus! It can start with one person, that's the great thing about it. If just one person stands up and grabs this bull by its horns, we can change the area, country, and world! It's just awesome how God works.

This change that has been happening on Bethel's campus has impacted me in a few ways. I've been learning to let God have what is already His, for instance the people in my life. I hold them so closely and dearly, but forget to remember that they aren't mine. As (the professor that spoke Wednesday February 23rd) said, 'the people on this earth are ours to enjoy only for a time. Then hopefully we will be reunited in heaven!'

Also, there is one more thing I have been realizing. See, I grew up in a Christian home, I went to church every Sunday since I can remember, and went to a Christian High school for 10 years. So, at times I felt like concepts and ideas were being forced upon me. I had never really made my faith MY own. Ive been realizing that I need to do that more.

Also, the concept of God's unconditional love has recently HIT me. It's something that has been so common to me that I have never sat down and thought about it. I was listening to the JJ Heller song, "What love really means" and it struck me. God loves me for ME. not for what i have done in the past, or what I will do in the future. He loves me for what I am, imperfect.

Anyways, this change on Bethel has just been a whirlwind of change in my life. I am excited, inspired, and encouraged.

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