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Monday, February 28, 2011

Lukewarm Christianity - Tyler's Story

Last week I had the privilege to sit and chat with Tyler, a freshman at Bethel. Tyler came to campus knowing that God had provided this opportunity for him to get a great education and play soccer. Adjusting to life as a Bethel student has been a little more challenging than Tyler realized it would be. At times he has felt trapped and if following Christ had to look a very specific way.

Like many students, Tyler went to chapel last thinking it was just another chapel service. As the speaker because to share Tyler was immediately drawn to the speakers authenticity. Tyler could relate to several aspects of the speakers journey and greatly appreciated the transparency the speaker was showing the student body.

Tyler shared with me that one of the greatest things he took away from that chapel was the importance of getting out of the way and allowing space for the Spirit to move. For him personally he was reminded of the importance of daily living sold out for Christ. God had reminded that Tyler that He is not pleased with a lukewarm commitment. God has begun to reveal to Tyler the areas of his life where he has been lukewarm and what God could do if Tyler lived his life on fire for Christ.

They are great questions for all of us to think about. What have I not surrendered to God? How do I need to get out of God's way? How might God want to move through me?

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