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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Responding to God - Rachel's Story

Rachel Wilkins is a senior music education major at Bethel. She also serves as at student leader with Impact Campus Ministries. These are her thoughts on the last week on Bethel's campus.

Well its been a week since the Holy Spirit moved in a huge way on Bethel's campus. It has been interesting to take a step back and observe the others around me to see what God is doing with their hearts. So many people came forward last Wednesday and shared pieces of their lives that truly inspired those around them. From this there have people realizing the sin in their own life and wanting to give it to God and just be free of the bondage. However it is at this point that Satan tries to find a little hole and dig down deep in our hearts and find any foothold possible. This is where the true challenge come.

God swept over us in a massive wave of love and now it is our responsibility to allow Him to do His work. We have to truly rely on God and His power to get us through the attacks of Satan. I sincerely believe that Satan is shaking in his boots because this generation is ready to make a difference and with God strong in our hearts some crazy stuff is about to happen. Please pray that we hold on strong and allow God to take charge and that we are willing to be vessels of all He has planned to do!

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  1. Rachel, thanks for writing this and being willing to share it with so many. Like you, I've been praying that students (and faculty and staff) will hold strong and allow last week to be a catalyst for action!

    Erin Kinzel
    Assistant Director of Marketing
    Bethel College