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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Experiencing God - Becki's Story

Becki Visker is a senior music major at Bethel College. This is her story about how God spoke to her during last Wednesday's chapel service.

During the revival I experienced the different voices of God and the different ways He moves. Through some alone time God revealed to me that I am going to India, and He gave me a lot of peace of future decisions that needed to be made.

He also moved with a lot of the women on campus. A lot of girls got up in front of their fellow students and confessed to struggling with sexual desires and masturbation. So out of that myself, and some other girls are getting a discipleship group going on lust free living.

God also just broke me towards the end. The whole time I had been so on task and almost quenching what God wanted to say to me. So I went down to the alter, and I just felt God's love pour over me. So here we are, 6 days later.

There has not been a day where this campus hasn't been covered in prayer, and the student body has been stepping up to keep this revival going and actually doing something with what God blessed us with. I'm so pumped to be a part of this, and that God has been working in our campus.

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  1. Becki, thanks so much for sharing your story! In the marketing and communications office here at Bethel, we've been trying to act as reporters to tell everyone what is happening because we are excited about what God is doing on our campus. But the best and most powerful way to express God's work is for people like you to tell YOUR story, first-hand. It's awesome what God is doing in your life, and especially that you are being faithful to step up and help get a discipleship group going in an area where you see a need.

    And Sarah, thanks for facilitating this! I look forward to the other stories you'll be posting.

    Erin Kinzel
    Assistant Director of Marketing
    Bethel College