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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hearing From God - Lindsay's Story

Lindsay Sherburn is a sophomore liberal studies major at Bethel. This is her story of how God spoke to her at chapel last week. 

Looking back on what happened last week, I am still so amazed at the way God worked that day. I very clearly recall sitting in chapel as if it were any other day; I was a bit tired, chatted some with my friend next to me and merely thought the speaker was another guy with a really cool story. It all felt so ordinary. And I think that's why it was so beautiful. Sometimes - for me, a lot of the time - I put God in a box. I think I know how He is going to work and when. Last week, He reminded me that He is God. He is the Author of Surprises. As I finally, even reluctantly, made my way to the altar, I had no intention of really hearing His voice or feeling His presence so clearly. But God, of course, had other plans.

That day, God woke me up. I had been 'asleep' for a few weeks, waiting for Him to respond. In reality, He was waiting for me. He showed me the walls I had been putting between us. I have been dealing with seasonal depression and was using that as an excuse to not have to work at our relationship. I had also been putting my concern about my relationships as a priority in my life and not giving Him control. Well, He finally realized that the best option to get me to listen was to hit me over the head. And that's what He did. Since that day, He has been showing me His love in so many ways. Or rather, I am finally seeing Him move. It has been great watching those around me see and witness Him as well. As we all continue to process what happened and to make changes in our lives, I pray that first and foremost, We see Him. Every moment of every day.

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  1. Lindsay,
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts here. Isn't it great what God can do when we allow Him into the everyday moments? I'm excited to see what the future holds for our campus and our students!

    Erin Kinzel
    Assistant Director of Marketing
    Bethel College