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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Student Leader Retreat Stories - Lindsay Sherburn

Lindsay Sherburn a student leader at Bethel College shares about her experience on our Student Leaders Retreat.

I've always been someone who's fairly self-aware. Because of my introverted nature, I take more time to consider my surroundings and observe the world around me. I've always been able to identify my own strengths and weaknesses and the way my personality functions. None of this really seemed to matter too much until our weekend in Kentucky. 

We were asked to focus on our shapes - the way we are wired - in order to figure out how we can use our individuality to serve God. While thinking about this, God has really been pushing me to embrace that individuality, those traits that make me Lindsay Sherburn and no one else. This idea was not new for me but I think I needed some reminding. He created me, an original masterpiece, for a special purpose. The only response I can possibly have is to fulfill it.

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