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Monday, August 21, 2006

Living Examples of Jesus, Part 4

I was going to wait until next week to write another post about some of the people that have encouraged me over the last few months and have been great examples of Christ. However, I changed my mind after attending a going away party for my friends Eric, Mary and Caleb. I didn’t really consider it a goodbye since I know I’ll stay in touch with them and probably see them again before too long. It just makes me kind of sad because they were the only friends I have here at home other than my family.

(Eric is in the yellow shirt on the right!)

I first remember meeting Eric while he was working at a church in Holland, MI. I don’t remember ever meeting Mary until they came to St. Louis. I know I did before that but I don’t seem to remember it. Over the last few years it has been a privilege to get to know both Eric and Mary and serving with them at Michiana Christian Service Camp. As a staff we look forward to Deeper Life week because our friends are there and we know that we will be challenged.

During the off-season Eric comes several times to the camp for retreats. Over this last year I’ve looked forward to Eric coming because he has been so encouraging. He has been teaching me how to ask the right questions and how to be honest about the answers. He has also encouraged me to keep pushing forward and not give up. He understands how easy it is for me to be cynical at times, but he never makes me feel like I'm less of a Christian or person because of it. Instead he reminds me to trust and allow God to heal past wounds. There have been numerous words of encouragement shared at just the right time with just the right words.

During Deeper Life week you don’t always see a lot of Mary and that is because she is off praying somewhere. Her part of the week is to pray, pray and pray some more. I am amazed and challenged by her desire to spend an entire week devoted to praying specifically for that ministry. And I know that is something that she does on a regular basis. I don’t know Mary as well as I know Eric but I’ve enjoyed getting to know her more over the last few years. Prayer is a powerful thing and I love and respect the passion that Mary has.

I will miss being able to see them every week at St. Louis, but I know the adventures and plans God has for them at Macomb are going to be incredible. It has been amazing to see how all of this has unfolded. I pray that God will continue to enlarge their vision of him and continue to use them to reach out to those around them. I know how thankful I am that they have been a part of my life. God has so much more in store for them! Thank you for showing me Jesus my friends.

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