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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Random Thoughts

Just a few random thoughts for the night...

My new iPod arrived today. Thank you Johnny and Angie for letting me ship it to their house. Thanks to Kristin for being willing to let me do the same. It is now synchronizing, which might take awhile I'm afraid.

At school today, Mr. Kurtis told me he found my blog. He now knows more than he wanted to about me I'm sure. So here is a shout out to Mr. Kurtis!

I have some thoughts about this week's stand-alone message on purity but I'll wait to post them when I'm not so tired.

I cannot explain how anxious I am for summer to get here. I talked with another possible leader for the Chicago trip. He was hanging out with Kutless and brought some of the guys to the church. It was pretty entertaining to watch some of our students reactions.

Now I'm going to bed. I am exhausted and still have two more days of school this week. Ugh!


  1. Kutless! for sure, that's cool

    Stay blessed!

  2. hi dear!! when people tell me they read my blog..it's almost like i forget that ANYONE can find it...that scares me :) haha

    Happy Thursday! 2 great things about Thursday :: New Community and the next day is always going to be FRIDAY!

    Love you Skoutz*