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Friday, July 05, 2013

Kenya 2013 - Some more pictures

I thought I would share just a few more pictures from the trip just for fun.

Morning lessons and prep for the day
We spent a lot of time in vehicles.
A taxi in Nairobi
Our vehicle in Turkana
Another Nairobi Taxi that became our Safari vehicle
Our plane to Turkana
We nicknamed the Mennonite Guesthouse in Nairobi our Base Camp. We had plenty of fun there.
Teaching our driver, Phillip, how to play American football
One of the coolest swings ever
Frisbee! We were always trying to get our drivers to play.
Breakfast was one of the meals we girls enjoyed the most. I know you are thinking, "They hate mornings. Why would breakfast be one of their favorites?" We discovered Bill tells his greatest stories and is the most funny at breakfast time. So we were never late for that meal!
 A random jaw bone we found in Turkana. We have no clue what animal it came from. Any guesses?
Several of you have asked about Erus' house so here are some more pictures.
Click to enlarge this picture

This is what we woke up to the next morning while when we stayed with Erus.

Such a beautiful place! Tomorrow I'll share some about the food we add. This has been another popular question.

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