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Monday, July 01, 2013

Kenya 2013 - Day 10-11

After a full night's rest and before heading out on our next adventure, we took time to do some debriefing as a team. As you can see I really enjoyed the desert climate. Nairobi was a little chilly!
After our debrief it was time to pack our gear again and hit the road for Narok to partner with Africa Hope. The trip there was a beautiful one as we drove past the Rift Valley and stopped to take in the scenery.
We arrived at Africa Hope, moved into our rooms and spent some time learning about the Maasai culture and hearing some more about the HIV/AIDS situation in Kenya. We met Rose, an amazing woman who is doing so many things for the Kingdom.
The rest of our time with Africa Hope is a bit of a blur to me. I was struggling with a big time sinus infection with lead to an adventure of finding and buying antibiotics from a chemist. I bought an entire dose of antibiotics for only 5 US dollars! No prescription necessary. Although I spent part of our time in Narok in bed, I did enjoy meeting a local shop owner, eating goat off a cutting board, and hearing from the rest of the team the fun they had serving at Africa Hope.
Our visit with a local business man at his restaurant
Our meal at this restaurant was served on a cutting board
Megan and her new rafiki (friend) who she served with at Africa Hope
I wish I wouldn't have been sick for this part of the trip. I really don't remember much of what I did do. I was much more sick than I realized. Fortunately my team took good care of me and told me lots of stories once I was feeling better. Community is important!

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