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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Another Productive Day...

Once break got here I was too tired to do anything. I took a few days to recover from the concert season and did absolutely nothing. However, there are things that have to get done and today proved to be pretty productive.
  • Slept in - yes very productive
  • Scrounged up some percussion equipment for our Christmas Eve service
  • Picked up a gift my parents couldn't find in Vestaburg (big surprise)
  • Coffee with Allison. Love her!
  • Picked up a few things I needed here at the apartment
  • Assisted Jeff and Robbie with a video that will make you laugh hysterically!
  • Cleaned! Cleaned! Cleaned! Concert season = very messy apartment
  • Almost finished the quilt square for Lois's quilt.
Highlight of the Week: I talked to Lois yesterday and the doctor expects the baby to come early. This is fantastic news considering I'll be there next week. We are all praying that will be the case. I'm so excited!!!!

Random moment of the day: My roommate, Erin, opened a Christmas card and had no clue who the people were that sent it. Hilarious!

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