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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Give in already!

I'm very stubborn at times. I know that isn't news to most of you. I haven't been to an allergist in over six years. After a run-in with a bad batch of serum, I quit going and have done remarkably well just taking prescription medication. Unfortunately, I think it is time to give in and go back.

I've had so many allergy attacks in the last few months, I quit counting. Students walk in my classroom and ask me if I've been crying. Other staff members run away in fear I have some sort of deadly disease. My roommate has come home twice now and asked if I'm okay. Currently...
- One eye is almost swollen shut
- My eyes have turned into small waterfalls
- I can't breathe from my nose
- My nose is running like a leaky faucet
- I'm on Kleenex box number two today
- I can't go more than two minutes without sneezing

None of this has stopped me from working or doing anything. I figure I can make it another six years before I have to go back. What do you think?


  1. Stop being an idiot and just go.

  2. Hi... miss you too friend! and yeah, go back to the allergist!

  3. yeah i think that bullet list is enough to go to a doctor my friend =)

    and yes, you emailed me your current logo

    time to get creative!*

  4. This is coming from the person who won't even take otc meds for a headache...but yeah, I'd say it's probably time to let a professional take a look.

    RYC - It was only burning for an hour or so (although it seemed like forever). I was actually gone when it started. The fire department came out and put it out.