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Wednesday, December 10, 2008


My mind has been all over the place tonight.
  • I hate cold weather. I can't feel my toes.
  • Early morning tomorrow.
  • I'm craving a banana. I like bananas.
  • Excellent journey class tonight thanks to Jeff Bell.
  • What is the source of my discontentment?
  • I ate a doughnut for dinner. Is that bad?
  • What do M&Ms and fortune cookies have in common?
  • I really need to finish that quilt square for little Cora's baby quilt.
  • 2 school days until final winter concert...6 school days until students are done...7 school days until I'm done. I'm ready for break!
  • I enjoyed the rain yesterday.
  • I wish our apartment complex did a better job of taking care of steps/sidewalks.
  • My poinsettias are still alive. Amazing!
  • I'm actually quite hungry right now.
  • I need to vacuum again.
  • I didn't get to light my advent wreath tonight. Sadness.
  • I'm taking some leaps of faith this week. Excited to see where God takes things.
  • How many different CSI shows are there now?
  • Still freezing. I expect that to be the case from now until May. April if I'm lucky.


  1. your randomness reminds me of my own randomness =)

    i enjoyed every part of this post!

    ur great*

  2. RYC - I'm not even sure I can do it (build a guitar, that is). I've never tried half of the stuff that I'll be doing w/ this one. But how hard can it be, right?

    I was pretty geeked about getting to start it today. The rest of my stuff comes in Monday and I'm sure I'll fly right through it.