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Monday, December 17, 2007

Another year down...

Thanks to everyone who said happy birthday today. I was shocked at the number of messages I received. I got awesome card from Michael and Jeannette, which was the highlight of my day. Lois's and Elizabeth's kids called to sing to me, another highlight of the day.

We had our Lifeline Leader's Christmas party tonight. It was a great time. I'm so glad Angie was there to cheer me up from yet another drama filled day at school. However I survived another day, without any scars or bruises. This seems to have become more difficult to do. Nothing to exciting today but to celebrate my birthday, I'm going to bed EARLY!!!! Hooray!


  1. I'm SO glad you had a good birthday!! And I'm starting to think that '08 is going to have LOTS in store for all of us...at least I hope! :)

  2. Sorry I missed it! Let me know if you can do lunch this saturday.