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Friday, December 07, 2007

Why I love GCC

Recently a minister friend of mine wrote a post about how our church looks too much like the world and isn’t doing church right. I have already decided I’m not going to waste my time arguing about this topic. People can say what they want but I LOVE MY CHURCH! Let me tell you some of the reasons why.

1. I love that people can sit through a service and walk out in tears because they have heard how much they matter and that the one who created them loves them. For some it is the first time they have ever heard it.
2. I love that thousands of people will meet in our building tomorrow to feed thousands of families in the Michiana area.
3. I love that I get to spend every Sunday and Wednesday night with hundreds of students.
4. I love that I can walk around and see leaders LISTENING to students and helping them walk through life.
5. I love that I had the opportunity to speak to over 100 jr. high girls and tell them about the things I've had to learn about relationships the hard way.
6. I love that every service our message is centered around Scripture and what God has to say about the things we face in life.
7. I love that I am able to worship with people who understand they don't have it all together and don't want to pretend they do.
8. I love that we are intentional about helping people find their SHAPE and give them the training they need to reach out and serve.
9. I love that every WEEKEND I walk away from service challenged…even during parenting series!
10. I love that above our door you see what we are all about taking next steps towards Christ...together.
11. I love that my church reminded me what the church was suppose to look like when I was ready to throw in the towel and walk away.
12. I love that my church helped me get back up when I was broken and angry.
13. I love that they did that without once pointing fingers or looking down at me.
14. I love that this last week during our Eagle’s Nest I watched as about 7 girls realized the way they were treating one of their classmates was wrong and came up with ways they can befriend this girl and invite her to join our Eagle’s Nest.
15. I love that people’s lives are being changed because God is doing something great in and through his people at GCC.

I’ll stop before I take all of your time. I could go on and on and on. It is okay that others don’t agree with our “methodology.” But I figure if God thought GCC was good enough to help me through the lowest part of my life, then I want to be a part of that church.


  1. Me, too! We are so blessed! Sometimes I look around and think, do I really deserve to work at such an amazing place? Then I remember it's exactly where He wants me. You too.

  2. I am very glad that your church does good things. I am also glad that it has helped your life. Perhaps because I pointed to one thing that I questioned when I wrote an article about a concept in general I gave you the impression that I did not like your church, for that I appologize. It was not my intent. I responded to your comment with a comment longer than the original article. I hope that it helps clarify things for you.

  3. P.S. I am also very sorry that (as I assume from your statements) some church, presumably smaller and non-contemporary, did so much harm to you. That is definately not what the church is called to be and it saddens me that it happens.

  4. Sarah - Right on! Can I add one more? That I get to serve with the most amazing people (volunteer and staff) who love Jesus, love kids, and are intentional about pointing the latter to the former. People like you!

  5. Sarah-
    And here is one more, kinda following along the lines of one of your bullets, but, I love that when I look across the crowd gathered for any one service, I don't see status, color, gender,age or personality type...nothing like that. I see people just like me, either still searching for, or now savoring, real purpose and value. Mattering to people is great, but mattering to God is awesome. We get to worship in a place where we can be broken, flawed and forgiven. I love our church family! ~~Shelly

  6. Oh, and one last thing...I love to see our parking lot stuffed full..even if I have to park far away. I can only believe that there are people driving by that are curious what so many gather for all of the time. To them I say, come in and find out! You are welcome here.