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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas at the Koutz House, Part 2

Today was our family Christmas at my brother’s house. We took lots of pictures since all 18 members of our family were there. We ate lots of food because we all love to eat. We had a massive snow fight and opened gifts.

Every did an excellent job buying gifts. The kids loved their gifts. Logan would open his gifts and then immediately go take care of them. Between his birthday gifts and Christmas presents, that boy hit the jackpot today.

I’ll take my film in to be developed when I get back to Mishawaka and have a car. I’m excited to see the ones from our snow war. I think my face got shoved in the snow at least four times.

It has become a tradition every time we get together to see who can get the most quotes posted on my blog. This year Ryan won!

Sarah: How about you Ryan? Would you like a hot beverage?
Ryan: No, my body is too hot already. It’s 98.6 degrees or something like that.

Ryan: Do you guys have a playstation here?
Sarah: A play station?!
Anna: We don’t play video games here.
Ryan: (interrupting Anna) No cause you’re too smart. I’ve already heard this.

Lois: (to her husband) I don’t like your face.

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