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Thursday, December 06, 2007

1 Down 3 To Go...

I survived my first of four concerts this month. My students did well performing tonight. Their behavior was less than acceptable but i guess there is only so much I can do. My favorite part of the evening was seeing Chris, one of our Oasis, students in the front row tonight. It was an awesome little surprise.

I had an interesting conversation in one of my classes this morning. I laughed...a lot. Check this out.
Student 1: Miss Koutz, was baby Jesus really born on Christmas Day?
Miss Koutz: (I explain quickly that we have set aside that day to celebrate his birth)
Student 2: Is it true that we get gifts because people brought baby Jesus gifts?
Miss Koutz: Well, yea partly.
Student 3: What? Wait! Is Santa Claus real?
Miss Koutz: Oh no! I'm about to break the news to a fifth grader about Santa Clause. Okay, let me explain about how the idea of Santa Clause started. (So I continue blah blah blah.)
Student 2: Wait so we get gifts because baby Jesus got gifts, right?
Miss Koutz: Yes.
Student 3: Sweet!
Student 4: GO BABY JESUS!!!

On the home front: I just got off the phone with my parents. My Dad is having knee surgery again tomorrow. I guess the doctor decided it can't wait the few weeks until break. If you have a minute tomorrow we would appreciate your prayers. The doctor will be trying to take care of a complication from the last surgery. On a brighter note, my sister graduates next weekend and I am so excited to go see her and most of my family.

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