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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Kenya 2013 - Day 5

I've already shared about our first two days with Missions of Hope International (MOHI), but I didn't share about their secondary education programs. Most of the centers in Nairobi go through grade 6 and then students may attend MOHI's boarding schools. We had the chance to visit the girl's boarding school in Joska.

While we were there we toured their facility that was complete with dormitories, classrooms, a medical clinic, green houses, fish ponds and a multipurpose building currently being constructed.
Calling the fish so we could feed them.
How would you like to work on this scaffolding?
Our team paused for a picture in one of the dorms.
The school's kitchen where the cook is preparing lunch.
MOHI also started a primary school for the local children.  Before lunch we had the opportunity to play Frisbee and soccer with some of the kids. 
The boys loved playing Frisbee.
The girls weren't quite sure what to think about Frisbee but they were very excited about the camera.
The Joska school was probably my favorite center we visited. The girls are such great students with huge dreams of changing the world and you know that makes me excited. The faculty and staff were incredible and loved their jobs. It was a great blessing to spend the day with them.

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