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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Kenya 2013 - Days 3-4

Day 3 can be an interesting day. You've either overcome the jet lag or you are suffering with the worst of it. We had a little of both on our team but we were all excited to begin our time with Missions of Hope International (MOHI), a ministry bringing shalom and hope to the slums of Nairobi located in the Mathare Valley. MOHI opens schools, plants churches and provides Community Health Education/Evangelism (CHE) and has been incredibly effective in transforming communities by empowering people of the community. CHE is a method used to help communities identify and meet their greatest needs such as clean water, toilet blocks, job training, and micro-finance programs.  We spent our time with them visiting schools, visiting homes and praying with people.

Here are a few pictures to give you an idea of what each community looks like.

The children would come running when they saw us and yell, "How are you! How are you! How are you!" No, that isn't a question. It is what they call Americans because they hear us say it when we greet one another. They would grab our hands and walk with us.
We had the chance to do some home visits and pray with people.

We visited several classes and heard students recite Scripture and sing songs. We answered lots of questions about ourselves so students could practice their English. Of course we also found time to play with some of the students who were taking a break from their studies.
Break time at the Area 4 Center

Sharing with a fifth grade class

Hanging out after school at the Pangani Center

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