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Friday, June 28, 2013

Kenya 2013 - Day 9

All of the schools we had visited up to this point in the trip were private schools run by Missions of Hope International. Today was the first government school we were able to visit and the differences was startling.

The school in Chokichok didn't have enough teachers, classroom space or supplies. Community members were volunteering their time to teach due to the shortage of teachers. As many as three classes may meet in the church at one time and when it got too loud the class would search for what little shade there was to have class outside. I only saw one chalkboard eraser in the entire school and was a little upset with myself that I didn't pack any in the huge box of supplies we brought. There is no running water at the school. Children walk a couple miles to get water if they run out during the day. The government doesn't always deliver food on time for school lunches so students often chose to stay home instead of attending school.

Despite all of these set backs, and many others I didn't share, there are several parents and community leaders that are striving to provide the local children with an education. The teachers were passionate about the opportunity they had to teach and the students were eager to learn. It was fun to visit with each class.

Singing Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes with the grade 1 class
And let me say these students looked great in their new uniforms!

This girl was all smiles the entire day!
After visiting all the classes the entire school gathered in the courtyard for an assembly. Parents came with baskets to give us as a way of saying thank you for visiting and providing uniforms and school supplies. The students sang songs and selected a student to give a thank you speech. It was a wonderful assembly...and very warm!
Saying thank you on behalf of the students
I'm pretty sure if we let these two spend much time together everyone would be laughing!
An incredibly humbling experience. I almost cried!
Thank you to all of our students and alumni who helped provide these uniforms! You really have no idea how much of a difference it makes.

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