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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Kenya 2013 - Travel Days and Day 1

I know you may be thinking, "Why has skoutz waited so long to post about her trip to Kenya?" I would do the same if the rolls were reversed. I apologize for the delay as I've slowly tried to find the right words to describe the trip.

Our seven member team consisted of Impact staff, interns, students and friends. There could not have been a more perfect team for this pilot trip. The diversity of the group brought incredible perspective to developing the program and the shared commitment to Impact's mission and vision brought and incredibly sense of unity from the very beginning. We had a few Skype calls before the trip, but we met face-to-face for the first time in the Amsterdam airport.
Can you tell how tired we are? One more 8 hour flight to go!
We all arrived in Nairobi safely and got settled into what all of us girls called "our new home" at the Mennonite Guest House. We took time to get settled, find some food and rest as we tried to fight jet lag. The next morning we started with a quick briefing of the day and headed to the Shalom House to worship with a local church that meets there. Bill shared a great message with the congregation about hope, which quickly became a focus and theme of our time in Kenya.
Morning briefing and wisdom from Bill

Sharing a greeting and word with the church
I absolutely loved worshiping with our friends in Nairobi. Most of the service was in Swahili but the members took turns translating for us and a few songs were even in English. We may not speak the same language but we were worshiping the same God as we sang, clapped, danced and opened the Text together. I loved every minute of it.

Want another perspective of the trip? Check out Bill Westfall's blog at http://williamwestfall.com/

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