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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Kenya 2013 - Day 7

Our team had the privilege of visiting several classes in a handful of MOHI schools while we were in Nairobi, but it was a special treat to be able to visit EVERY classroom in MOHI's Napuu center, just outside of Lodwar. We were only the second group that had come to visit the school since it opened in January.
This little girl was so excited she didn't sit still for more than two seconds.
Language can be a tricky thing in Kenya. The national language is Swahili and many speak English in the bigger cities. However, once you get further away from the big city and out in the rural areas, many people may only speak their mother tongue, the language from their tribe. When the teachers and staff arrived to begin teaching at the Napuu center they discovered many children only spoke Turkana. That wouldn't be a big problems except many of the teachers don't know Turkana. I can't imagine what teaching would have been like those first few months. So when we visited the classroom, we didn't expect to hear much English, but we were shocked at how well the children were able to share with us in English. We heard songs, poems and Scripture in English at almost every grade level!

After visiting each class and drinking some chia, the whole school gathered under a small group of acacias and put on an wonderful assembly to honor us as guests. The entire school sang a few songs for us. A few classes were selected to do perform some songs, dances and skits.

Then we had the chance to share some words of encouragement with the students and staff and spent time praying together for the school and community.

This was a common posture when children were praying.
After a great time at the school we grabbed a late lunch, picked up a few supplies (LOTS of water),  and then went to visit the Turkana Bible Training Institute (TBTI).

There weren't any classes in session at the time but it was so much fun to hear and see some of the fruit of the work Impact's president, Bill, did while he was a missionary in Turkana. There really aren't words to describe the friendship that Bill and a local church leader, Erus developed while they worked side by side in ministry. They are brothers! It was a great blessing to watch them reminisce share about training local church leaders with curriculum they wrote. 

There is a local church that meets at TBTI and we were very excited to meet one of the great servant leaders of that congregation and spend time praying with her. She shared with us that she was just sitting at home when she suddenly got this feeling that she needed to go to the church and so she did. In our short conversation her heart to share Christ's love was very evident. I'm grateful for the opportunity we had to encourage her. 
At this point, I found myself overwhelmed by the beauty of the Turkana people and how God was changing our plans for even greater plans. He is good!

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