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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Camp Changes

This afternoon we had some last minute Camp Adventure changes that meant there was a need for someone to go from the June week to the July week. Since my Oasis girls are going in July I quickly agreed to do just that.

I put my phone down after talking with John and had a brief moment of panic. What in the world would I do for a whole week and nothing planned? I've worked hard and taking it easy since school has been out and am about to go nuts.

I needed to call Eric and Wally to find out how I could pray for the Deeper Life team this week. By the end of those phone conversations, camp was back on the schedule for the week. So tomorrow I'll meet up with the team and join them for the week.

The are some major benefits on all ends with these changes. I'm a little disappointed I couldn't go to Camp Adventure this week but this just means more time for the ankle to heal so I can blob!!!!

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