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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Driving in a storm

As we left Becca and Matt’s reception Saturday night we discussed who was going to drive through the worst parts of the storm that was brewing. Everyone decided I would be the on lucky one. They were right.

After stopping to get gas and wheat-free food, things got ugly. As I drove west on I-196 I watched the clouds start to move in a circle. I was driving straight towards the beginnings of a funnel cloud. Fantastic. The wind was twisting trees and road signs in all sorts of odd directions. Then came the downpour. In an instant ditches were filled with water and sections of the road were puddles. The best part was the incredible light show.

By the time it got really bad, there was no place to stop. I debated over and over what to do. And be the stubborn person I am, I kept driving. I called my parents when I got home to let them know I made it safely. They informed me that roads were shut down in the Holland area because of the water levels. Some roads had been washed out. Others were blocked with trees. Several were without power.

I would be completely okay if I never have to relive that adventure.

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