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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Can you speak about relationships?

The topic I get asked to speak or teach about the most is relationships. Sometimes it is relationships in general and sometimes it is specifically about guy-girl relationships. Those of you who know me well are already on the ground rolling in laughter. I am in no way an expert in this area or even claim to have a little bit of insightful wisdom. So why it is the number one subject I get asked about I have no clue.

Since I got back from Chicago last week I've had a good handful of facebook messages, e-mails and conversations about the topic. One of those messages was from a former camper who has now been asked to speak about it with some middle school and high school girls. She wanted to know about some resources I use. I decided I would share one with you that has been surprisingly helpful.

I thought it was ridiculously silly at first but this little tool my friend Emily gave me has come in very handy. She uses it with the college students in her ministry. The bottom half are things for guys and girls to keep in mind as they pursue relationships. Allison was kind enough to post this on her blog so I could post it here. She has lots of great insights on this topic as well.

I've always wondered why marriage was represented with a submarine but oh well. It seems a little odd to me. You may find this helpful. You might not. Either way, enjoy!


  1. Hey girl! I'm sad you're going to be out of town this Friday - but we will get together soon* promise. I see your lovely post - -what do you need my insight on? I would love to help you out*

    Email me whenever* and hey..the Indian Mound...I'll explain it when I see ya* =)

    Love you girl

  2. I like how the people drop from the boat to the sub like depth charges. And perhaps marraige is represented by a submarine because it dives to depths that the depth charge people cannot fathom. And these certainly can't be seen from the boat! But what do we know right?

    -Your favorite rowing partner (I don't know it seemed to fit!)