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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Random Update

The Mexic08 team left town this morning. They'll spend the next week telling others how much they matter. Follow their week here. Since the boys are with the team that means girls nights this week!!!!

Below you will find a few of the Chicag08 pictures I took. I'm not real impressed with any of the Chicago or camp pictures but it gives you a better idea of what we did.

Obviously from the last post you can tell I'm still not sleeping well at night. However, I slept the entire day and am still pretty tired. Hopefully tonight I'll be able to get my body on the right sleep clock.

Last night Ashley and I went to dinner and took a short road trip to MCSC. It was sooo good to hang out with her. I love that girl and miss having her around during the school year. God is doing some great things in her life and I can't wait to see what happens next.

Erin and I signed another lease yesterday. I like our little apartment. Hopefully this school year won't be nearly as rough as the last two have been and I'll actually get to see Erin every now and then.

School starts soon and I couldn't be more depressed that my summer is over. Where did it go? When did summer break become two months instead of three?


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