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Friday, July 04, 2008

Week in Review

For a week off, this sure has been a very eventful week. I’ve spent a lot of time this week working on our small group guides for Chicag08. I’m so pumped for this trip. We have an incredible group of students going. You can follow our team HERE.

Tuesday, Dad and I painted and managed to finish the job early. That meant Wednesday we were able to take a trip to Home Depot (30 minutes away) and buy the supplies we needed to finish the garage.

My brother asked Dad and I to come over on Thursday and Logan, who is 5 1/2, was very adamant about helping since it was his room. When his mom got home she came in to see how it was going and this was the conversation that followed.
Nicole: Logan are you helping paint?
Logan: Yes cause it is my room.
Dad: He sure is.
Sarah: He's doing a pretty good job too.
Logan: Yes I am.
Nicole: Well that's good. Are you learning how to do it right so you can take Aunt Sarah's place when she finally gets married?
Logan: Yup! (Dad and Sarah laugh)
Well you better tell Sarah to hurry up.
Logan: Yup. It will be when I'm six.
Sarah: SIX?! That's less than a year!
Let's just say the conversation quickly went downhill after that.

Today, Mom and I went shopping for tennis shoes without much luck and Dad and I hung drywall in the garage. I started grilling only to find out there wasn't enough gas to finish the chicken. It actually was a pretty relaxing day.

Tomorrow I have several things I'm looking forward to...

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  1. So we have less than twelve months to find you the perfect man . . . hmm . . .