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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The Quotable Logan...

Those of you who have followed my blog for a while, know that when Aunt Sarah comes home there is an unspoken contest to see who can end up quoted on the blog the most. The little ones love it so much they’ll just walk up and say random things in hopes I think it’s funny. Unfortunately, I wasn’t really on my game this week but I do have a good Logan quote and story for you.
Mom: It must mean Logan is the instigator.
Logan: huh-ah
Dad: He doesn't even know what that word means.
Logan: Yes I do!!
Dad: What does it mean?
Logan: I like to be noisy!
I mentioned a few posts ago that Logan is the only boy. It is starting to bother him a little bit. So one afternoon while everyone else was napping, he went with Dad and me to the church to get some things done. He sat with me while I was working on slides for the next session and we had this conversation.
Sarah: (singing a random song) Heaven is a wonderful place…
Logan: It is?
Sarah: Oh man, yea. It is the coolest place EVER!
Logan: Really? Why?
Sarah: Cause Jesus is there silly.
Logan: No he isn’t! He’s dead. He died on the cross. Duh!
Sarah: Yes he did but then he came back to life. He is alive!
Logan: What?!
Sarah: Yea after he died on the cross he came back to life. He spent some time with the disciples and then left earth and went to heaven.
Logan: Oh yea that’s right. And he is in heaven now. What is he doing there?
Sarah: When he left he said he was going to get heaven ready for us. Then he’ll come back and get us.
Logan: And then we can go to heaven?
Sarah: Yuppers.
Logan: Jesus is alive and in heaven!
He then ran and told Papa. Later that night when he started jumping on the bed saying, “We get to go to heaven to see Jesus and Granny! I’m going to heaven to see Jesus and Granny!” This was part of he prayer that night. More to come on the way this boy prays.

Dear God, thank you for today and having fun. Thank you that Jesus is alive and in heaven so I can go see him. (Logan, 5)

Ever since He and I talked about heaven, he has been talking about how Jesus is alive and he is going to see him someday. It makes me smile. I love this kid!!

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