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Monday, July 28, 2008

Party Week

This is a week full of parties and I love it!

Last night I went over to the wonderful Baker resident for Kristin's birthday party. It was a blast. I especially enjoyed watching Ben and Vanessa feed the swans. Ben loved every minute of it. The biggest swan loved him.

Tonight two of our students from GCC, Shelby and Austin, are celebrating their birthdays at Hacienda. I love those two and I love Hacienda. This is going to be great.

Tomorrow night there might be a girls night with some friends from college. That is guaranteed to be a blast. I have to check my schedule on that one. I'm afraid there might be something I'm over looking. I hope not!

BUT...Friday night is when the big party happens!!!! My niece, Amanda, is celebrating her 10th birthday today. We are having a party to celebrate Friday night. I bought her present today and am very excited about it. Hopefully she will too. And then after we have stuffed ourselves with amazing food and feel like we are going to explode, will kick the party up a notch. My niece, Heather, accepted Christ at camp last week and is going to be baptized. It is going to be a special night for both of them.

I'm so pumped just thinking about it. I'll be screaming and shouting all night. I told Amanda I was going to sing at the party non-stop. She was okay with it so I'll probably be without a voice once again this summer! What a great week!!!!!

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