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Friday, January 09, 2009

2008 International Euchre Champians

I know your are thinking "What?! There is an International Euchre Tournament? How did I not know this?" No worries my friends. It was a rather last minute decision.

During a family Christmas in Indy Team USA (Dad and I) took on Team Canada (Uncle Ron and Cousin Patrick) in the great game. After splitting the first two games we decided to play one last game to determine bragging rights for the next year. It was a close game but Team USA came through. Patrick managed to pull off an impressive loner in the game they won but it was the only one they had all night.

Okay honestly, I don't remember much of the details other than the fact we won and everyone decided I needed to blog about it. Here is a picture of both teams, unfortunately they are horrible. Good times with family. That is hard to beat!

Team Canada - Ron and Patrick Sheese

Team USA - Daddy and Me
(yes this is an old picture)

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