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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Living Examples of Jesus - The Inner Circle

Angela Keim, Brooke Curry and Allison Reynolds - "The Inner Circle"

I've recently decided to start calling these amazing ladies "the inner circle" simply because that are just that amazing. Okay really it is because these are the people I turned to when things are rough, the first ones I celebrate good news with and the people who love the fact I'm weird. We are four very different people, which means pure entertainment when we are together.

Ang Keim - I was pretty sure I would never be cool enough to be friends with Ang when I first met her. Ends up you don't have to be cool to have cool friends. My favorite thing about her is the fact she tells me how it is. Evidently what makes perfect sense to me doesn't to everyone. She helps me remember that.

Brooke Curry - This girl is a riot! I've don't think I've ever met someone so laid back. I don't know how she does it. My favorite thing about Brooke is the fact she rolls with my obnoxious type A personality. She has this amazing way of keeping me calm when something doesn't go as planned. That isn't an easy task.

Allison Reynolds - For those of you who have read my blog for awhile you know all about our three hour long coffee visits. My favorite thing about Allison is her perspective on life and relationships. She looks at things completely different than me. I've learned so much as she has shared things from her view.

I can't explain how thankful I am for these friends. I love that I have three girls who are so in love with Jesus to walk through life with. We've laughed so hard we've cried. We've done crazy things like tye-died shirts. We've ate WAY too much food together. We've stayed out so late resturant managers have to kick us out. We hashed through hard situations together. We've prayed together. We've discussed Scripture together.

More than anything else they point me towards Christ. I can't help but think Christ has similiar experiences with his apostles. Thank you, my inner circle friends, for showing me Jesus!

Photos by DC Curry

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