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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Live from the Band Room

That's right we are live from the band room today. I thought I take a short break and blog while I'm enjoying my lunch. It has been an interesting start to the second semester and I'm not quite sure what to think yet. My younger students are behaving like older students should and the older students seem to have reverted back to early childhood. Only in a middle school classroom do you see this phenomenon!
Really what I wanted to blog about was one of my classes this morning. A student asked if she could as another student a math question. Being the smartypants that I am I told her no but she could ask me. She politely said I wouldn't understand the problem. I informed her I did teach math and suddenly I had a line of students wanting to ask questions about their math homework...in band class.
After I made that comment another student yells out, "You use to be a math teacher AND a preacher? What haven't you done?" That led to a discussion about how I still teach at church. The students had a thousand questions about that. I told them about GSM and they asked more questions. One student who had come last year went on for about 10 minutes about how much they loved DC Curry. So I just invited them all to come on Sunday. I loved the entire conversation and didn't even care that we didn't get much accomplished.
"What do you preach about?" (Hmmm...let me tell you about Jesus!)
"What kind of preacher are you?"
"When you preach are you filled with the Holy Ghost and bust it out on your trumpet?" (the student then tried to act it out)
"No she probably goes to town on the piano. (again student acts it out)
"One time our preacher said he was filled with the Holy Ghost and he started shaking on the ground. That ain't no Holy Spirit. That's a seizure!"
"I would come to your church Miss Koutz but I don't know where it is and I like mine." (I was sure to encourage that student to keep attending their church!)
"Wait so you are telling me you preach at Oasis?! No way!"


  1. That's a crazy cool "out of nowhere" opportunity. Sounds like you knocked it out of the park; It would have been so easy to say "Let's get back to work" or something similar. Keep it up!