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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Favorite color pink...

I know some of you are a little confused by the title of this blog since I hate the color pink. Several years ago I wanted to nothing to do with the color pink because it was too girly. I'm still not a huge fan but I'll tolerate it now. However there is one time when I love the color pink...in Crispy Pastel Cookies.

I don't remember my mom making these cookies at any particular time but they always seemed fitting for Easter. You can make them with any flavor of jell-o you want. This time of year lemon or lime seem to go really well. My favorite is raspberry and strawberry though. I made a strawberry batch today and they are delicious. They aren't my favorite cookies but I am loving them.


  1. I hate to say it Sarah, but those cookies look like raw hamburger patties! Hope they tasted good though! :)

  2. Ha! Now that you mention it I can see it. Next time I'll make some that aren't pink. They do taste amazing though.